Saturday, February 18, 2017

Things Ren Says

While drawing: "I'm making a heart sun, because it's a lovely afternoon."

While praying: "Please bless Soren to be NICE and share his toys!"

While playing: "Your belly button toots marshmallows!"

Sunday, February 12, 2017

At Least He Washes His Hands with Soap

Ren walks out of the bathroom after being in there for a bit.
Me: Did you poop?
Ren: (Dirty look) Ugh!
(Walks in the bathroom to wipe and wash his hands.)
Ren: Mommy, you just found out my secret: that I don't like to wipe my bum.
Me: It's not really a secret, dude. I've known this for a while.

Oh the joys of raising little boys!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Personality, as explained by Ren

(Preface: When we are in the car I do not allow Ren to roll down the window if we are on the freeway, because the noise bugs me in a major way.)

Driving home tonight from dinner at a friend's house:

Ren: Mommy, why don't you like the wind noise?
Me: Because it makes my ears hurt and that makes my head hurt, so I don't like it.
Ren: No, it's because of your personality. Your personality doesn't like the wind noise.
Me: Oh, really???
Ren: Yes. Your personality is in your head. It's these meat colored ropes that aren't meat, they're just meat colored. And they go around your brain. Usually they're all rolled up, like in a ball, and that's your brain. But when the windows are open and there's a lot of noise they come down like ropes. Like meat colored ropes, and they go shooting through your body like knives.
Me: Woah. I had NO idea that's what my personality was.
Ren: Yeah, but I can see it.
Me: You can see my personality?
Ren: Yeah.
Me: And it's a bunch of meat colored ropes in my head?
Ren: No, right now it's rainbow colored. But not a real rainbow.
Me: Just rainbow colored, right?
Ren: Yeah.
Me: Well, that sounds kinda pretty. I'll go with that!

And then there was something about how my personality was going to go down into the roots of the trees and kill all the seeds of the trees in the city, but I didn't catch all the details because I was trying to parallel park. If it comes up again I'll pay more attention so I can share with you next time. :-)

Sunday, April 17, 2016

From a Friend in Primary

I wanted to tell you the funniest thing Farren said today in sharing time. Beckie asked if anyone knew what the word suffering meant, and he raised his hand and said, "It's when my mom doesn't let me do something, I suffer." We thought it highly amusing. 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Are you sure this is the BASIC version???

My lovely, fabulous, thoughtful, and totally uplifting friend Luz has been asking if she could babysit the boys. Of course I told her YES and that she was welcome to watch them as soon as she liked. So tonight she took the kiddos and Robb and I explored the area around Luz's home in east San Jose.

First up, dinner. We drove around for a bit but, due to the time requirements of our plan for the second step of our date, we were limited to fast food. So we went to Jollibee - a Filipino fast food chain. The food was basic, but good, and the Filipino bakery next door had Ube cake, which was delicious and made the visit more than worthwhile.

Second half of the date? Reflexology massages. Luz has been raving about her favorite reflexology place (Lucky Feet) for the last three years. Since we dropped the boys off at her house, we decided to go for it. Now, let me say that both Robb and I have been to reflexology places before. HOWEVER, tonight was a totally new experience. At various points during our massages we had the (dubious) pleasure of experiencing the following:

  • being straddled, multiple times
  • getting a butt massage while being straddled ("Um...I don't think I paid for this.....")
  • being asked to go shirtless in the communal room (Robb) 
  • having my bra unhooked and moved out of the way by my male masseuse  (Say what???)
  • having my bra put back together (Why thank you, sir!)
  • getting skin on skin back massages (All our prior reflexology experiences have been 100% clothes ON. Let me tell ya, I was a little worried about how high up my sides those hands were going to go.)
  • having our backs massaged via crawling on them/using the knees to massage
  • having the masseuse use her knees and thighs to massage the back (Robb: "Wait. Is that a pubic bone I feel?!?")
  • and above all else, super, near-insanely INTENSE pressure.
I'm pretty sure this was the most painful massage I've ever had. About 75% of it was acceptable to really good, but about 25% just hurt. HOWEVER, it was most definitely a good story, so we're both pretty happy to laugh about our evening. (Not to mention committed to finding a new reflexology place to try out.) :-)